Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Pretty Poison”?
Photography and writing are my artistic drugs of choice. They’re in my soul and in my veins, a pretty poison I cannot live without.

Who are you?
I’m photographer and author, Michelle M. Pillow. These biography links should satisfy your curiosity about both sides of my personality:

Michelle M. Pillow the Photographer

Michelle M. Pillow the Author
(18 & Older Only – I don’t write kid books)

Can I interview you for my show / blog / etc / etc?
Will you write a guest article? Speaker?
Yes. I do give general interviews about my work. At this time, I’m not writing how-to posts or articles about photography, but that might always change. So, just ask. I generally don’t bite strangers, so feel free to email! đŸ™‚

Are you interested in working for / on ____ project / book?
Email me. You never know, I might say yes.

Basically, it depends on my schedule and if the project is right for me. Like all writers/photographers, I’m always interested in picking up more work.

I love being creative and telling stories, whether it’s with words or pictures. I’m pretty laid back with work-a-holic tendencies. I love research, learning new things and going new places, museums, photography, history, films, books, the paranormal (among other things) and I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities.

What do you charge?
Usually with models and/or makeup artists I work on a TFP/TFCD (Time for Print/CD) type situation. I get the rights to use the work however I need to, you get something for your portfolio. Win-Win.

What equipment do you use?
I shoot with a Canon AE-1 for print, Canon EOS 7D, and a Canon EOS 20D for digital backup. I do have other cameras, but those have become my primary ones. I have a few studio lights, backdrops, flashes, and an assortment of lenses from 19mm – 1300mm.

What are your favorite kinds of photography?
I really like all forms of photography. Lately my interests are Romantic (for use on Book Covers), Travel, Portrait, Spirit, Astrophotography, Photo Essay, Landscape. I’d love to study underwater and microscopic photography someday.

Working With Me

Will you shoot me?
Pistols at Dawn? đŸ˜‰

If you know I’m going to be in your area (see author touring schedule announcements) or we happen to meet by chance, let me know you’re interested. I’m HIGHLY interested in models that can be used for book cover art and stock photography.

At this time I’m not openly soliciting over the internet for models, mainly because of travel-time restrictions. But, if you’re super rich and willing to throw that money around, fly me around the world, I’ll think about it. Cash up front. đŸ˜‰

Oh, and I’m easily bribed with pasta, red wine, and margaritas. Just sayin’.

Model & Property Releases
Yes, I have them. Yes, I use them. Commercially, they’re almost always required. It’s a great way to get your face out there. If you model for me, and are a working model, I’ll do my best to help spread your name and face around.

Private Shoots / Work for Hire Shoots
Yes, you can pay me to do a private session or a work for hire event/project, in which photos will never be resold or used if those are our agreed terms. I might use them in my online portfolio, with permission. Rates depend on the time, travel, number of prints, locations, copyright, complexity, event, etc, etc…

Can I buy your pictures, rights, prints, etc for use on my project?
Yes. Contact me.

I used one of your photos. Do you want to see what I did?
Heck, yeah, I do! Email me a link or info. Or you can mail me a print copy to the PO box. I often show off these things to my readers.

Want to contact me about a job? Have questions?
Want to interview me or have me as a guest?
Email me